Let’s Talk About Brex, Baby: Perspectives of a Biologist in Cambridge


By Juniper Kiss


Juniper Kiss, BSc Marine Biology with Biodiversity and Conservation (2014-2019) Anglia Ruskin University,  Cambridge, UK
Editor-in-Chief of GOES magazine

Note: Let me begin by saying that I am an international world citizen; I was brought up travelling around the world with my scientist family. Hungary was just a lay-by between adventures and something that I need to put down as my country of birth. I have been avoiding talking about Brexit to people because I would not like to offend anyone and it is way too easy to think that I do not like England. I think we had our flirtation, dates, engagement and marriage by 2016 June. On the morning of 24th June (EU Referendum’s results day), the honeymoon feeling wore off. If I were to describe my ‘vows’ it would be ‘till graduation do us apart’. Now, I am in the process of filing for a divorce. So…

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