Being a Sustainable Biologist project

Being a Sustainable Biologist –copy-of-bsb
Anglia Ruskin University
‘VLE Micro-site’

It is a student-led project with ARU and the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI) to incorporate GOES magazine into the curriculum as a form of Education for Sustainability. As it is a not-assessed work and is published on this website. Students from other universities are also welcome to use these resources and the guides when writing articles. The sessions ran by Juniper will all ppts will be posted on this site.

As a scientist or conservationist, it is crucial to communicate your research, experience and passion. This is a ‘mini-module’, where you will have the chance to learn to write a concise article about your favourite topic, how to start up your own blog, use Photoshop for illustrations and those who are daring, you can go under training to be an editor for this magazine.

This project is your opportunity to shine.

The magazine that we will be publishing by the end of this academic year is titled Being a Sustainable Scientist and is funded by the ‘Be the Change’ grant from the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI). You will have the chance to get to know more about Education for Sustainability (EfS) framework, how to reflect on your new skills that you can take with you to a job interview and we will also ‘play a game’ with ships and fishing.

It is coordinated by your classmate, Juniper (Boroka) Kiss, your awesome lecturer Alex Dittrich and Victoria Tait from the GSI.

Juniper will be giving 10-15 minute talks on different topics to help you gain useful skills that will help you in your future career.

It is a flexible mini-module that relies on your regular comments, feedback and participation.
For emails please subscribe here to receive any updates about talks, workshops and information:

Any anonymous feedback is very welcome, let me know how to develop this project – what is good, what is bad? Please let me know!

Documents & Guides – please read them in the following order: it is all about motivation!sneak-peak

  1. science-communication-101-motivation-for-writing_updated
  2. science-communication-101-motivation-for-publishing_updated2
  3. writing-guideline_first_updated 
  4. writing-guideline_second_with_graph
    Fill out GoogleDocs from!
  5. writing-guideline_process_updated
  6. writing-guideline_third_updated2

Reading these will help you getting started with your article but please do get in touch with me – I am happy to have a chat anytime!

If you are not confident with your writing – completely fine! Send over a couple of paragraphs and I will send it back with a bit of brainstorming how you can continue your article, I am happy to send you over a couple of articles for inspiration.

The most important thing is that you have fun while writing your article!

Timetabled sessions
(but not included in your own timetable) at ARU:


1) Introduction: why write, about what and where to publish?

27 Feb, 4.30pm LAB026

  • Introduction of this project with Alex Dittrich (ARU), Victoria Tait (GSI) and Juniper
  • Read about EfS for our Faculty here
  • ‘Scientists Must Write’, ‘BioSci’ and ‘GOES’ guidelines for article writing

Download the introductory ppt here

Download the GSI’s ppt here

2) What is ‘scientific’ vs ‘blog’ style

13 March, 4.15pm LAB026

Download the ppt here: Blogs

 3) Quick designing techniques

27 March, 4.30pm LAB026

  • Demo of Lucidpress and PS

Download the ppt here: Design

4) Computer session – start up your website/ design!

29 March, 1-5pm, COS210


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