Supporting GOES

GOES© is currently a ‘one woman job’, I am covering the costs of the domain (100$), design (£40), Campaign Monitor for the newsletter subscription (9$ per month), printing (£250-400) per issue and $50 per month for the Team account on Lucidpress for designing.

Expenses so far

In September 2016, 250 copies of the first issue is printed out and distributed around Cambridge, UK.
Cost: £320

The November issue (200 copies) received £160 from donations.
Cost: £270

February issue was again self-funded and 200 copies were printed.
Cost: £270

The June issue entitled ‘Sustainable Biologists’ was funded by the ‘Be the Change’ grant from the Global Sustainability Institute (ARU) – 200 copies were printed with Whithall Printing (100% recycled, FSC paper with vegetable ink) and the authors were ‘treated’ with 50 business cards from MOO.

The four issues had altogether 8,600 reads from around the world.

Funds raised

A separate bank account is set up for GOES as it is a not-for-profit organisation. This section will be updated of the exact amount of donations raised.

September 2016 – February 2017:
£210 from fundraising
£1,000 from ‘Be the Change’ grant from the Global Sustainability Institute

February – May 2017:
from Texas Tech University
£1,000 from ‘The Big Pitch’ competition and
£1,000 from the Andy Wilson Bursary

Advertise in GOES – for companies

I do not wish to create any membership  or subscription fees so the costs are covered by grants, competitions and from the September issue, paid advertisement will help us keep going.

Half a page advertisement: £30
Full page advertisement: £50

Advertisements could be courses, universities, societies, products for science students, internships, fundraising etc. The cost of advertising is small – as we are just getting started.

Donate or become a Patreon – for individuals 

You may support GOES by becoming a Patreon, receive rewards or you may make a one-off donation via Paypal


Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor GOES in any way! Email: