Give a talk at ARU


I repeat it quite often what Beckett said  when I am about to speak in front of people “Ever tried. Ever failed. Try again. Fail again. But fail better”.

Giving presentations can seem like a nightmare at first but if you keep trying to talk in front of fellow students the experience will become much more enjoyable.

My idea of giving the very first presentation requires cake and would be in a pub.

Sounds good?

Second lecture could be a smallish lecture theater booked on campus with your classmates.

Hopefully at this point, giving lectures seems like  just having fun so when you are ready we can go ‘full in’ and organise a talk, advertise it around Cambridge and you have the stage!




Come and show how it is done! If you love travelling around and spreading your passion about science and/or conservation, please come by Anglia Ruskin University and tell about your project/ experience/ stories while having tea and biscuits.

Please be aware that I need to fill out a form if the subject is ‘appropriate and will not disturb the emotions of students’. Subsidising travel costs depends on many variables (my bank account mostly) but I will do my best.

Feel free to get in touch!

Snail scientists

I met so many amazing scientists who gave the impression that they are surprised how enthusiastic I get when they show me their work and ask a million questions about it.

Scientists can become snails hiding in their shells (=office/lab) and having  a party all by themselves, maybe losing their confidence whether other people would find their work interesting as well… BUT IT IS INTERESTING! Even if someone has been doing the same thing for decades, that will be a new discovery for others.

So if you have not showed anyone new what you have been working on in the last year, it is time for you to share in a friendly environment and hopefully the bright eyes of young students will make you remember ‘those days when it was all magic’.

Top of the world - Ireland, Connemara

‘I am on top of the world’ picture from Connemara, Ireland 2013