Motivation for starting up GOES

Why did Juniper start up GOES?

Reading the ‘Open Access and Publication Policy’ newsletter section in the RSB Science Policy Newsletter raised my curiosity about the publishing world. My very first short article and picture was published in the Hungarian Elet es Tudomany (Life and Science) at the age of 14.

Publishing was such an exciting experience. I was showing that issue to my classmates and teachers with great joy. In the past couple of years I heard so many brilliant scientist say that they are pressured to publish in the most expensive journals and selling the copyright of their work. The excitement of publishing disappeared in their eyes. Open-Access (OA) journals are now revolutionizing how we exchange information and was reported to boost citations by the fifth.

However, publishing fees are still thousands of dollars which limits its success. The solution to publishing seemed rather simple for me: make it completely free, follow OA regulations and create an independent magazine which does not partake in any marketing or promotional schemes. This might sound ‘too simple’ because it does not deal with the impact factor and countless other details but for me it seemed straightforward.

After receiving the Anglia Foundation Scholarship twice and becoming a Golden Opportunities Scholar awarded by the American Society of Agronomy, I decided that it is my turn to provide opportunities for other people. So I moved into a tent for the summer to save on rent, learnt web design and started up Global Opportunities for Ecological Sustainability.

No publishing or subscription fees, available for anyone without any marketing. Simple.

My aim is to make publishing a good experience for students who will be proud to have their name and pictures published in a magazine. First issue had 250 copies were printed and distributed around Cambridge, There was an overwhelming number of people interested in publsihing in in a month the second issue was published. I would like to call out for any student, scientist and adult from any department, organisation who is enthusiastic about our natural environment: please publish and share your experiences, projects, pictures and art! GOES is the voice that says ‘Yes, you CAN do it. Let’s do it together’.

GOES is the embodiment of inspiration, encouragement and support from a undergraduate life science student. I am also looking for business students’ and graphic designers’ and English literature students’ help with GOES! Please feel free to get in touch with me whether you are interested in publishing or contributing to GOES in any way! I am also happy to go and give talks at other universities and schools about this opportunity, please feel free to contact me!

Studies: Part-time BSc Marine Biology with Biodiversity and Conservation, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
Worked at: CABI and NIAB


Juniper in the Namib Desert