University Hunt

In 2014 I was convinced that I was going to study Marine Biology at University of Stirling, Scotland. But UCAS did not recognise my 8 Hungarian A-levels and sent my application as if I did not have any at all. Therefore, I got rejected and the world fell apart. I considered to work at a French bakery for a year or becoming a safari guide in Africa till I can re-apply next year. A gap year is not really fashionable in Hungary as most students cannot afford it or it is too dangerous as it could be tempting not go to back to studying afterwards. So I re-applied to universities. I got accepted to Glyndŵr University, Royal Holloway and Southampton University. As the latter seemed to be the best at Marine Biology, I chose that one. I packed up my bags in Hungary and moved to Southampton in July 2014.

It was so exciting! New country, new city, new life.


In August, I started to doubt how I am going to study full-time and support myself. One day it became crystal clear that I cannot make ends meet. Next day I started to look at Clearances for part-time courses. The only option in the country was: Marine Biology with Biodiversity and Conservation at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

As I lived in Cambridge before I got really excited: applied, got accepted, moved out, found a job and started university all in three weeks. Most of my acquaintances told me that I should just go back to Hungary, I tried to follow my childish dream but did not work out… Hungarian universities are free, life would be easier. Somehow whenever I chose something that is ‘easier’ everything goes wrong but when I choose the ‘crazy option’ everything turns out just fine (or even better).

In this case, it might have been the best decisions of my life.